[Links]  Exculsive Search Engine
Search the web using a comprehensive search engine. A good starting point for all serious web surfers.

[Links]  Lam Ching Ying's Memorial Hall
A brother site of our *Hall of Life*. Dedicated to the famous taoist actor, Lin Zheng Ying.

[Links]  Gamers' Heaven
A gaming site. Many games related information can be found there. Suitable for Computer/Video gamers.

[Links]  WWF Home
The WWF international homepage. Not World Wrestling Federation but World Wildlife Fund. Take a trip there and give them your support. The animals will thank you for that.

[Links]  Cheating Lessons
A web page that probes into some details about cheating. Educational content.

[Links]  Webmaster's Info
If you want to know more about the Webmaster and how to contact him, here's the place for you. It has quite an interesting layout.

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