21 years after the Great Destruction of Earth,

[The Barren Earth]

Someone finally stepped forth and volunteered to travel to the "Veramis planet" in a desperate search for a new source of food.

He knows that there will be no return for him if he should fail. And even if he succeeded, there is very little chance that he will make it back alive. But he believed that this is his destiny and for the sake of Earth, he shall die trying...

It has been about a year since he left us and we have very little knowledge of who he is or where he came from. The only records we have are the ones documented here. We call it "The X Files"....

The "X " Files

Everything mentioned below are strictly confidential.

Face of Man :


X File Serial No.3983
Name : Saviour Wu
Alias : Haijie
Nickname : Victor
Age : 22
Sex : Male
Height : Unknown
Weight : Unknown
Brain Cells Type : Chrolasumolephite
Skin Cells Type : Unknown
Colour of Hair : Black
Colour of Eyes : Unknown
Colour of Skin : Unknown
Race : Chinese
Religion : Unknown
Martial Status : Unknown
Place of Birth : Singapore
Name of Father : Unknown
Name of Mother : Unknown
Number of Siblings : Unknown
Last School Attended : National University of Singapore
Primary Web Address : saviour.faithweb.com
Secondary Web Address : www.geocities.com/saviourwu
Primary Email Account : saviour@bigfoot.com
Secondary Email Account : Unknown

X File Serial No.760

Data for his journey could not be recovered.
Refer to File Serial No.835 for complete details.

All other informations can be obtained through "The X Files" Headquarters.
Please send a request letter to HQ at the following address:

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