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Welcome to the Hall of Life

Life's obstacles bring us down to our knees now & then...
Feelings of loneliness and helplessness are often abound...
But these should never hold us back.
We are born to live, to dream, to lead a wonderful life...
I hope this place can assist you in doing just that.
Enjoy your stay & May you lead a meaningful, happy life~!


< This is NOT a religious website based on any religion >

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[Codes of Life] Codes of Life
The starting point of our journey. Know the basic set of codes that one true human should have. You can also find daily doses of motivational quotes here.

[Ways of Life] Ways of Life
Second checkpoint in our journey. Find ways for mending the broken souls or enlightening the strong ones.

[Martial Arts of Life] Martial Arts of Life
Third part of our journey. Discover an ancient Martial Art to cultivate your body, soul and mind.

[Message Board of Life] Message Board of Life
Fourth destination of our current journey. Read and share some experiences, stories or motivations with others.

Links of Life  Links of Life  [Links of Life]
Last but not least of our journey. Visit interesting sites, contact the webmaster, or search the web with our exclusive search page. Just about anything for a complete life.

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