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We are often being forced to be faced with events that can cause us to be depressed, stressed or feeling bad about ourselves. Some of us may even have the tendency to commit suicide.

If any of you or your friends is feeling that way, you can try out some of the techniques mentioned below. I hope it can help relieve your burden and boost some of your spirits once again.

For those of you who feel that these techniques are useless, or if you feel like nothing else can help you here, I recommend that you seek out your local counselling centre. You can always find out more by just calling up the phone directory services and ask for a counselling hotline. Do not be afraid. There are friendly people out there just waiting for a chance to help you. So do make a call if you have the need.

For Singaporeans, you can just call this number for help:
National Helpline

On the contrary, if you know of any other techniques and would like to share with others, please send an email to me. I would gladly post it up on this page and give the credit to you (that is if you are kind enough to provide me a name, along with your techniques' descriptions).

Remember that the only person who can help you lead a better life is yourself.



[Techniques]   Visualisation Method
An easy technique that can be used anywhere. First sit yourself comfortably in a chair or sofa. Then close your eyes and relax your mind. Now imagine a beautiful scene and imagine yourself somewhere there. See what you'd like to see, hear what you'd like to hear and feel what you'd like to feel. There may be flowers, rivers, mountains and birds. Just imagine all the beautiful things that you like. Give yourself some time to indulge in this wonderful sensation. Then slowly open your eyes and say "I feel great!"

- Contributed by Webmaster

[Techniques]   Piggy Style
Though this method was never officially documented, it is a common method practiced by many people. First look out on any of your local newspapers/magazines/television shows. Find out if there are any restaurants that offers a cheap buffet style, all-you-can-eat menu. If you are unable to find one, just take a walk downtown to the popular restaurants areas. Ask around, and you are sure to find some suitable promotions there.

The objective of this method is to eat as much as you can. According to doctors and psychologists, a full stomach will induce a sense of satisfaction and help relax your brain. So a cheap all-you-can-eat menu will be the best here. But if you are feeling rich, just go for any restaurant. After choosing a restaurant, enter it as though you are a hungry king. Then order as much food as you can eat. Treat every kind of food as an enemy or that something which caused your unhappiness. Pry them open, beat them and munch them down into your stomach. Do what you'd like to do to them and finish everything up slowly. After that, tell yourself they are all gone, all digested and all submitted to your will.

A word of warning though, order ONLY just as much as you can eat. An overload of food will not help much and is harmful to your health.

- Contributed by Webmaster

[Techniques]   Screaming
Just as the name means. You need some serious screaming. Find a place peaceful and quiet, and where your screaming won't invite the police's attentions. The roof of a high-rise building or some isolated corners of a beach should be good. Before you start, drink about 2 cups of water, preferably water mixed with honey (You'll need that to prevent an injured/dehydrated throat). Then start screaming until you feel like losing your voice. 15 minutes or more should do the trick. During your screams, feel free to include any kind of scolding that you'd like. It will have a better effect.

An alternative to this technique is singing. Go to a KTV lounge, pub or even at home to sing. Choose those songs that you like best. But this time instead of singing the usual way, sing it hard. Sing as though you want the speakers to break and stop only when you are almost going to lose your voice.

- Contributed by Webmaster

[Techniques]   Beat It
This is one of the more convenient techniques which can be used at the comfort of your own house. Grab a pillow from your bedroom, preferably one which you do not use very often. Then have a sit on your sofa or bed. Relax your mind first and close your eyes for about 3 seconds. Next, summon all the anger you can and open your eyes immediately. Then focus this newborn energy into your hands and turn them into tools of destruction. Squeeze the pillow as hard as you can, punch them hard, twist them. Do whatever you like to it. If you don't need the pillow anymore, I recommend a finishing blow with tearing it apart. It has tremendous added effects (together with clearing up the mess though).

For those of you who have a punching bag at home, try adding kicks and head butts to it. Expend all your energy until you feel too weak to move. Then drink some water to end the session.

- Contributed by Webmaster

[Techniques]   Tense-Up Relaxation
This is a common technique written in many health magazines. First sit or lie down comfortably. Then close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in slowly through your nose as your lower abdomen rises (Your stomach and lower ribcage should rise instead of your chest).

After that, hold your breath gently for about 3-5 seconds. Then breathe out slowly through your mouth, allowing your abdomen to fall back in place. As you breathe, imagine how the air gets in and out of your body. Feel the tension transferring from your body into the chair or bed. Continue breathing in and out slowly until you feel more relaxed.

Then clench your fists tightly and hold this tension for about 3-5 seconds. Concentrate on it and let go slowly, feeling the tension coming out of your hand. Experience the relaxed state after your fists are unclenched. Then proceed for your neck, shoulders, legs and feet.

For the neck, lower your head until your chin touches your chest. Tense up, hold for about 3-5 seconds and let go. For shoulders, raise your shoulders as high as you can, touching your ears if possible. Then let go and relax. For legs, raise both your legs as high as possible and hold for about 3-5 seconds before letting go. For feet, grip those muscles in them as tight as you can (curl your toes if necessary). Then let them go after about 3-5 seconds.

- Contributed by Webmaster

* Techniques mentioned herewith are intended for personal references only *
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