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Diablo Walkthrough
These are solutions for all the quests in Single player mode :

Quest 1 (The Butcher) :
A tough quest early in the game. His lair is a square room on the second floor of the dungeon that has bodies on stakes inside the room. If you can afford, and are capable of casting, Stone Curse, this quest is very easy. But Stone Curse is hard to learn early in the game, and unless you have very fast dexterity or an item which gives you a magically "fast attack", or "fast recovery", it is difficult to go face-to-face with the Butcher. A "bear" weapon is also helpful. A better plan, however, is to open the door to his lair, wait until he says "fresh meat", and then flee to a room with a door and a fence link wall. Go through the door and shut it before the Butcher follows you. He won't be able to follow you through the door, and you'll be able to hit him with arrows and spells until he dies. You can cast "Firewall" right through the grate where Butcher is standing and he will be fried ! If you're capable of casting "Golem", cast it. Then you can fight with the Butcher head-on with the help of Golem. The Butcher's weapon makes a nice weapon for an early character, although it is prone to break easily.

Quest 2 (Poisoned Water Supply) :
This quest may occur on the second level. If you talk to Pepin(healer) in town after you start Dungeon, he may give you this quest. You'll know that this quest is in your game if, during your exploration of the second level, you run into a crack in the wall which is surrounded by candles. If you haven't initiated the quest by talking to Pepin, return to town and do so prior to exploring through the opening. The opening will take you to a separate 'sub-level', which you'll have to clear out of monsters. On this quest you'll likely meet your first 'goatmen' and a bunch of 'fallen one'. Once you have killed all of the monsters, you'll have completed the quest. Return to Pepin to obtain your 'Ring of Truth'.

Quest 3 (Skeleton King Leoric) :
This quest is different in the single player compared to the one in multiplayer game. Ogden will start this quest which, like the Poisoned Water quest, occurs in a separate 'sub-level', this time on level 3. By moving your mouse over any staircase that you encounter, you can check if it leads to Leoric's lair. Once in Leoric's lair, take it slowly, and gradually picking off his skeleton army without them overwhelming you. Use "Holy Bolt" to help you. If you engage in hand to hand combat, try to use a 'blunt' weapon, like a club, mace or staff, instead of a blade weapon, like a sword. It is easier to hit them with more damage. You may meet your first skeleton archers on this quest. The Skeleton King is in NE sector, look for the glow he creates. As with the Butcher, Stone Curse is once again the easiest way to defeat him. Just cast and strike him. Holy Bolt spells also work very well against the Skeleton King. It's probably not wise to fight him in hand to hand unless you have high dexterity, a "bear" , "fast attack" or "fast recovery" item. If he gets near you, you can run away from him since he is very slow. He also has the nasty habit of raising the skeletons which you've already killed. Once you've killed him, pick up the undead crown, then "click" on the levers in each of the corners. They'll open up secret rooms with more magic items.

Quest 4 (Tavern Sign) :
Ogden also starts this quest, if you talk to him after cleaning a couple of levels in the dungeon. You won't be able to get down to the 5th level until you solve this. The sign is guarded in a room by "Overlords", and it'll likely be the first time you meet these big guys. They aren't too difficult, especially if you have some spells. You won't be able to open the chest in their lair until you talk to "Snotspill", a "fallen one" leader, who is on the other side of the room with the Overlords. He'll tell you to go get the sign for him. Once you talk to him, go and get the sign from the lair of the Overlords. DO NOT give it to Snotspill, instead return it to Odgen in town, and he'll give you the Harlequinn Crest. Then go back into the dungeon and return to Snotspill, who will attack you immediately, and he'll have lots of "Dark Ones" to help him. Firewall works well here. If you can't cast Firewall, wait outside the door and pick off Snotspill and his friends one at a time.

Quest 5 (Gharbad the Weak) :
When you first encounter this Goatman, you probably won't even realize that he is a quest, and you'll likely try and attack him. You can't hurt him, so click on him to initiate a conversation. He'll plead with you not to kill him. Leave the room several times in order to complete this quest, but there is no time limit, so you can explore at your leisure and return when you want. The first time you return he will give you an item, which may or may not be useful to you. The second time you return he will tell you that he isn't finish with making you another item. Finally, the third time you return, Gharbad will decide that the item he has made is "too good" for you, and he'll attack immediately. You shouldn't have much difficulty killing him in any number of imaginative ways. You'll receive that item he made once you kill him.

Quest 6 (The Magic Rock) :
Griswold will start this quest by telling you of a caravan that passed through the town some time ago. You'll find the rock on a pedestal on level 5. Take your time in getting to it, as it is usually surrounded by a fair number of monsters. Return it to Griswold, who will give you the Embryean Band.

Quest 7 (Ark. Valor) :
This quest is started by reading the Book of Blood on level 5. You'll be able to complete this quest in the same room as you find the book, but you may want to drop back into town in order to see what the townsfolk have to say about the quest first. Once you go through the room with the book, you'll see a blood stone on the floor. Pick it up and click on the pedestal which is also in the room. There are some Horned Demons in this room, so look out for their charges. If you dodge them they will ram into walls, which will leave them momentarily helpless. Once you place the first bloodstone on the pedestal, you will open another door to the north, opening an attached chamber. There are more monsters and just repeat the steps until you take the third, final bloodstone and use it on the pedestal. You will open the chamber to the Arkanines' Valor armour(Not bad for starting).

Quest 8 (Chamber of Bone) :
This quest is started by reading the Mythical Book, on level 6. Once you've read the book, a staircase will be available on the 6th level to take you to another "sub-level", the Chamber of Bone. There are three passageways. The ones on the left and the right lead to levers and are guarded by Horned Demons. The center passageway leads to the chamber of bone which, as the name implies, is heavily populated with skeletons. Use Firewall here as it is a relatively small area. 4 or 5 firewalls can fill the entire room, quickly exterminating the skeletons and the Hidden. There are a few more Horned Demons through the skeleton room, and a book in the middle of the room. If you charge and get the book, you will receive the "Guardian" spell, and a three headed dragon will appear out of the ground, and it will blast any remaining monsters in the room. Once you read the book the quest will be completed, but make sure you explore the two "secret" rooms on the right hand passageway. Each of the secret rooms contains more monsters and also a chest with several items, all magical.

Quest 9 (Halls of the Blind) :
This quest, like the Valor and Chamber of Bone quests, is also started by reading a book(Book of the Blind) which will be found on level 7 if you get this quest. The Halls of the Blind is a tilted eight figured shaped room, with a door on each of the north and south sides. You'll find the yellow "Illusion Weavers" in the room, and they are fairly tough, but can be taken out by spells or in hand to hand. They are fairly easy to run from. Inside the Halls of the Blind room, there will be two small rooms. Both contain more Illusion Weavers, so don't open them until you clear out the main ones. The small room to the North contains the "Optic Amulet". Take it.

Quest 10 (Zhar the Mad) :
This character is found on level 9, in a room with some books and scrolls on pedestals and a bookcase. Talk to him first and he will give you a free magic book. You can freely take the items off the pedestals, but as soon as you touch the bookcase he will attack you. Stone Curse is good as he will teleport when you try to engage him in hand-to-hand combat.

Quest 11 (Black Mushroom) :
In order to initiate this quest, you'll have to find the Fungal Tome on level 9. Take the Fungal Tome to Adria. And she'll tell you to go get a "demon's brain",for Pepin the healer. If you return the fungal tome to Adria after completing level 9, you will get the Demon's brain from the first monster you kill on level 10. Many people complain about missing the brain, because it is quite small and in the caves it is easy to lose an item behind a wall. Return the brain to Pepin for an elixir. Take the elixir to Adria, who will tell you to keep the Elixir for yourself. Use it and you will gain +3 points to each of your attributes.

Quest 12 (Anvil of Fury) :
It is fairly easy. Griswold will tell you about the mighty Anvil of Fury. The Anvil itself can be found on level 10, well guarded by monsters in the center. Take your time and gradually clear out the monsters prior to trying to get to the Anvil. Return the Anvil to Griswold in order to receive "Griswold's Edge", a pretty good weapon.

Quest 13 (Warlord of Blood) :
Read the "Steel Tome", which is found on level 13. You will be unable to get to the stairs leading to level 14 until you've read the Steel Tome. The Warlord and his henchmen guard the stairs. Use Stone Curse if you can get them to follow you so that you can face them one at a time. If his henchmen are Steel Lords, use lightning. If, on the other hand, they are Blood Knights, use Fireballs. Or just swing and chop, but try to avoid being surrounded. A defensive spell like Mana Shield also comes in handy for mage. After you have disposed of the Warlord and his men, you will be able to loot his treasure, which includes 2 sets of magical armour and 4 magic weapons. Not bad...

Quest 14 (Lachdanan) :
Lachdanan can be found standing still on level 14. He is a Steel Lord/Blood Knight. Your first instinct might be to attack him. He'll ask you to get the Golden Elixir, which you will find in the center of a room on level 15 or on level 14. After you give him that, he will give you his helm(Nice shape).

Quest 15 (Lazarus) :
You will first have to find the "Staff of Lazarus" on level 15 near a strange contraption. Once you have the staff, you'll have to show it to Cain in town in order to start the quest. After that, there will be a red portal available on level 15, which will take you to another "sub-level". Lazarus' lair is populated with Succubus monsters, as well as mages. Take your time.Clear out as much as you can without reading the "Books of Vileness"(there are two books on opposite sides of this level). There are a number of Hellspawn in cages. Nice for Firewall spell. In order to read the Books of Vileness, you have to be standing on the teleport pad nearby which will light up. You will be teleported into an area with more Hellspawns, which will be again be good for Firewall. You'll have to read the both Book of Vileness to reach a point that teleports you to Lazarus himself. Lazarus has two leader Hellspawns, "Black Jade" and "Red Vex". Run to the passageways in order to avoid being surrounded. Then pick off the Hellspawns when they follow you since Lazarus will not chase you. Once you have gotten rid of his guards, Lazarus is quite easy to take out with Stone Curse. He is difficult to engage in hand-to-hand combat, because he will use "Flash" spells and "teleport". After you kill Lazarus, return through the red portal, which you come from, and return to town to talk to Cain, in order to go for the Finale.....

Quest 16 (Diablo) :
Diablo is trapped in a room. Be sure to take out all other monster on this level prior to pressing any levers which let him out. This level is essentially 4 large areas, connected by a passageway in the middle. There will be lots of Blood Knights and Advocates. Mana Shield is a useful for this level, particularly if you are a mage, and lots of Mana potions come in handy. If you can cast Golem, try and use one against the mages, but the Golem won't last long against the Blood Knights on the level. To help your Golem, cast Stone Curse on enemies near the Golem or fight with him. Three of the four main areas contain levers. The fourth area contains Diablo and his minions. The area with the 2 levers will open Diablo's chamber, so leave it untouched until you have cleared out the other areas. When you finally do let Diablo out, you may want to get him to chase you into one of the other areas. He tends to get lost following you, so you should be able to sneak back to finish off his minions for extra experience points. Diablo casts "Apocalypse" spell, which are quite dangerous, so do keep an eye on your hit point level or, if you are using a Mana Shield, your mana level. Zig-zagging will allow you to dodge his spells. Unfortunately, Stone Curse will not work on Diablo. The best way to take him out is to go head-to-head with him. Diablo appears to be vulnerable to all types of spells, including Holy Bolt, but excluding Stone Curse.Finish him and enjoy the ending.

You will NOT receive all of these quests as they are all random except for Lazarus and Diablo. If you cannot complete them, you may send me an Email for more tips.

Diablo Cheat :
Drop any item on the ground and walk away about five spaces. Make sure you have enough room in your inventory for two of same items. Click on the item, and when you are about to come close to it, click on any of the items that is in your belt. When you take up the item on the ground and have the belt's item on your mouse, the box where it names the thing your mouse is on should have the name of the item that was on the ground. Press the hotkey for inventory (I) and put it in your inventory. The original item should already be in your inventory and your belt's item should change into that the moment you place it in your inventory. There you are, a duplicated item !!

Arcade Dungeon and Dragon 2 Complete Walkthrough

Due to the immense size and complexity of the game, adequate notes on each level are extremely hard to accomplish.This is a short description of what to expect and how to kill the boss. When you get a section followed by a letter (eg:a), this means a choice. Some choices are only available if certain conditions are met. Suggested path for easy victory :
6.1 - 6.2 - 6.3.b - 6.4 - 6.5-b - 6.6 - 6.7 - 6.8-b - 6.9.0 - 6.9-a - 6.10.1 - 6.10.2 - 6.10.3 - 6.10.4 - 6.10.5 - 6.10.6

6.1 Opening - Descent from Boss the Broken Land
Short level, designed to get a feel for the game. Destroy the two carts and the game continues to where you can type in your name.

6.2 Village of Trinta (War Machine)
There is 500 sp straight down from where you enter. One secret room(near the top of screen just after you enter). Top chest contains heal if mage opens it. Lots of skeletons in there, cleric could use A+B here. Outside, goblins and Gnoll axeman faces you. After you kill one owlbear archers appear.(Two sets of 3).First set comes from left, second from right. Also let fighter try to get short sword for trapping Lich(Later 6.6 king). Knock the little guys off the back and keep killing the replacements. The war machine travels horizontally from one side to the other.Try to use only magic missile spells on this level. Make sure cleric uses all heals as he gets them all back. Using Oil to burn it is a great tactic.

6.3-a To Ride A Juggernaut (Dark Warrior 1)
Goblins, archers, axeman and hellhounds. Couple of kobolds. Going this way will get you more keys than the going 6.3-b. Let off all your spells here as you will get them back. Continual light works well for using aerial attacks on either side.

6.3-b Battle on the River (Man Scorpions)
Decide before hand who will steer the boat. Head up for the first level. You will get in one fight with trogs. As soon as you kill them, head up. Everyone move to front of the boat to avoid Dragon.Can get information from avatar after that. Next part of stage, go in middle, till pass first trogs, then head down. Repeat. You will get more money by heading up and down. After you leave the raft, first chest has heal. Mage opens top chest he will get a cure ring. Do not stand in one place too long or arrows or rocks will fall. Lots of Large scorpions. Cleric select bless and as rocks and scorpions fall, cast it, this will make the rocks miss you.If there's mage and elf, just use all your spells. If a Man scorpion jumps up, cast ice storm/conjure/cloud kill to bring him down. Fighters attack.If you can get the scorpions in a corner, let the fighters do the work and cleric faces the other way casting cont. lights and hold person to stop trogs from interfering.And if all trogs are gone, turn undead and repeat.

6.4 Skies over Aengmore (Harpy, Tel'Arin)
There is a program bug(can cheat !) here. If you don't kill one of the little dark elves just before the harpy, and wait for 4 minutes 30 seconds, he will disappear and you can fight the harpy one-to-one. Stock up on daggers/hammers and oil before this level. Select one mage to be responsible casting magic missiles. Once in a while a dark elf will fly by on a wyvern and shoot fireballs on you, use magic missiles to knock him off down. Repeat if he returns. You can also jump when the fireball lands. Two waves of Dark Elves. Kill them and Harpy appears. When Harpy bar shows up, everyone use daggers. Move as a group.Throw hammers when you are finish with dagger. You may throw alternately to give harpy most damage. Oil harpy if you like and keep hitting. If harpy tries to fly, use spells(ice S, conjure, cloud K) to knock her down. Far chest contains heal.Next you reach Tel'A. Turn Undead.Split party into two groups. One on either side. Hit him from either side. Any daggers/hammers left, use them. Then use oil on the 2nd time you hit him down.Try not to use mage/elf spells. When a spell is cast, the counter still runs, you will need to kill Tel'A fast in order to go to Ogre Brothers' level. Hold person if he escape, he does quick slashing attacks(dangerous). He may cast a haste spell. Hit him hard and fast. You will heal up a lot after this level. (but one person will not). Continual Light also works. Got the 3 choices from here depending on type of characters.

6.5.a City of Aensun (Ogre Brothers)
This level is only selectable if you complete the previous level quickly. Town scene, with secret room in roughly the same place as in first stage. Firstly run right to get earrings and anklets, then go in the secret room. Lots of healing potion here. In that secret room there is a secret room(Top of screen). Hell hounds are in abundance here, so watch out for their dashing attack. Outside, just before the ogre there is another secret room. When you see HellHounds and Trolls, get in the room first or you will never be able. When you reach the ogre, do not use spells when he is by himself. Block and shoot him.When he is down, go behind his body and attack.(the head there). If his green cousin come, hold person and attack the first ogre to finish him first. Use all spells, as all spells recovered after this level. If you kill the first ogre fast enough, the other one won't come. So you may use hold person on him when his blood bar is half and kill him.

6.5.b Forest of Despair (Beholder)
This contains the holy Avenger, fire sword, and lightning sword. There is a secret room to the bottom of the screen as soon as you come on the game. The swords are normally located in top of the screen, hidden among bushes. Holy Avenger is hidden behind a rock. There is a good program bug to exploit at the Beholder stage. Let the fighter get the Fire sword. When you come up to just before the Beholder, cave entrance and super healing potion, walk towards the right and Mage cast's p-image, runs at beholder and takes the flesh to stone initial attack. Then Fighter runs in and hits with Fire sword, then fighter stands there and hits, beholder will not be able to escape. Make sure fighter is facing to right and beholder on right. If beholder escapes use Elemental bottle. Lots of heals on this stage, and if you feel confident about beating beholder with just fighter, it's fun to lightning bolt kobolds. You can cast spells when beholder is on fire, or has eye closed, but doing it while he is on fire normally stuffs up the fighter combo. You can also cast spells if the Beholder isn't facing the player. So if he gets out, split the group into two. Sometimes the Beholder will get confused and be unable to decide which way to go.Another way is to have everyone in one straight line when Fighter alone moves towards Beholder with Fire sword and hit him in the corner.

6.6.c The Bridge (Green Dragon)
Only selectable with an elf in the party. One large healing on this level. Fight lots of little dark elves, flies and pesky fireball throwing elves. A few archer elves as well. Use hammers on Dragon. Cast a spell when he breathes. Jump and attack or do air attack(down, up+attack)Rather hard.

6.6 Battle of Strong Oak (Manticore, lich)
For Manticore, get a character to block if elf wants to attack with arrows. Cast a spell if he tries to fly. When you knock the manticore down, you can repeatedly throw oil at him. You can also have a Fighter attack him and fighter blocks when he sees manticore is blocking his attack as manti. will use his counter.
Lich. Another bug, but you must work as a team. Everyone go to middle top of screen facing right. When lich appears, everyone attack, as soon as the lich floats away, everyone move down, attack, move up. Lich will eventually cast earthquake. Ice storm, Turn Undead, regroup, repeat pattern. You should be able to defeat lich without getting hit. trapping him is possible by using fighter's dual sword or cleric after they kneel down and lich is at a corner. If someone gets out of sequence, ice storm to allow them to live. This is a hard level to break away from the group to cast heals. Also holy avenger takes chunks off his health. A chest on the left contains a haste, you have about 2 seconds to get it before he appears.

6.7 Grove of Destruction (Displacer Beast)
Same trick to get rid of goblins can be used here that was mentioned in harpy stage. Let one live and after 4.5 minutes he will run away and you will fight the displacer without the pesky little critters running around. Run quickly to right. Cleric opens first chest. Will get cure ring, large healing potion and level 4 scroll. Chest on fair right contains small heal or cure ring. Lots of little goblins and couple of axe gnolls, watch out for stone throwing goblins appearing though. Displacer beast is a bit of a free for all. You can tell which one he is by where the shadow is, only the real displacer beast has a shadow. Haste does wonders. Oils work too. Allow mage or thief to take displacer skin. At next shop, person with skin click on shopkeeper and you will get cloak of displacement, that makes you invulnerable to ranged weapons.Use your spells to get him. Hold person to freeze little goblins(get 'em out of your sight) and hammer displacer. Try blocking his long range attack if he is too far from hitting range. Can trap him like ogre brother.(Go for his head !)

6.8-a Labyrinth Maze (Black Dragon)
When you come to this level you will see some monsters and a sign. You need the displacer eye from other level to read them and follow the sign. No black dragon if you do that. Otherwise go the other way and rock black dragon. Use same strategy to take out Black Dragon as green one.Warrior take the skin to make Dragon Shield (can block a bit of dragon breath).

6.8-b Rescue at the Gnome Village (Chimera)
Large heal, 2 level 4 scrolls, small heal and cure rings at beginning of level. Large Burning Oil is the key. Stock up on this at the previous shop. When you get to chimera, knock him down with spell or from lower corner of the left part of screen, then everyone Oil him, he will die fast. When you kill the Chimera you can go to the village. You need to spend a little cash on a potion in order to visit the village, but it is worth it. At the village you can buy cure rings. Firstly walk to the house on the right side of the screen. This is an inn, but you can't visit the first shop till you have been here. Talk to the first person in the inn near the door. You can talk to the rest of the people for more information if you want to. Then walk out and go to the first shop. Here you can buy everything. If you run out of sale items, close the window and reopen it for more. After this shop you will be able to buy cure potions and Large Burning Oils so don't waste all your cash. Buy Lighting rod if you want to trap next king.

6.9.0 Floating down (Red Dragon)
You float down into a cavern. Second platform on the left is red dragon. First platform on left is sword of legends. Red dragon is pretty easy with the rod. You will get three chances to flee. Order to fight answer no, no, yes. Quickly move to the right or you will die from dragon breath. Get the treasure and split into two groups when you enter the next room. Two on each side. When dragon head comes down, people on both sides start hitting, if dragon casts a spell, wait till just before it hits someone of your party and cast your own spell. If his head goes up, it will come back. Avoid dragon breath ! The breath will come from the same direction you are being sucked. If you are being sucked in towards the middle, go to one of the sides. Suck to the side, go with it. If a long disappearance, the head appears in the middle of the screen, stand in front of either one of the two rocks. One to the far left, one to the far right. Try to make decision ahead or go die together. Rather annoying when half the people try to go right and half go left. Let fighter with Sword of Legend do air attack. Get Dragon Horn to make Dragon Slayer which will do massive damage to last king. Pass it to the one without sword of Legend. (Note: Curse Sword need to be used 30 times to break into Sword of Legend. Use cure or invisibility on the character when he uses Curse Sword with a Skeleton Head.)

6.9-a Land of Fire (Flame Salamander)
Sword of ice on this level. Basically just use the sword of ice to get the salamander into a corner, and keep hitting him. Other party members, keep the hell hounds away. Cast spell if FlameS. escapes.Don't use fire-based spell.

6.9-b Land of Ice (Ice Salamander)
Same as Fire except use Fire Sword and fire-based spell.

6.9-c Underground Caverns (Tel'Arin and Good Elf together)
Only available with dwarf in the party. Run like hell to the right as rocks will start falling. Haste's good. Keep running till you reach a new stage. You will fight two elves. If you can kill the Tel'A without killing his brother, his brother will come back and help you kill negpa. If you kill the Tel'A here, on 6.10.2 you will fight a lot of monsters instead of the boss.

6.10.1 Gateway
Lots of secret rooms. Explore and enjoy. Move statues onto pressure pads if needed, to go into some rooms.

6.10.2 Overtures (Tel'Arin)
If you killed Tel'Arin before, you will fight lots of low level monsters. Otherwise fight Tel'Arin, using Oils. But mage don't use spells if possible.

6.10.3 Arena (Ezerhoden)
Arguably the hardest fight if you don't have a mage with Lightning Rod. Do not hit Ezer. if he is swallowing someone, that person will take damage instead of Ezer. If four people are playing, gargoyles will appear instead of undead. Use wands if you got them, you can trap him. Hit him with spells, you'll get them back.

6.10.4 Battle Royale
Lots of monsters keep attacking you. Level is finished when you travel a certain distance to the right. D.Beast Skin useful here. Lots of Archers. Fun using Fireballs on Kobolds.

6.10.5 Arena Revisited (Dark Warrior II)
Large Burning Oil, bless, striking. Let fighter do air attack and rest throw hammer if got. Save some magic for next fight.

6.10.6 Inner Heart, Dark Heart (Negpa, Synn)
As soon as you come on the screen, cast a spell, otherwise Black Dragon breath will hit you. You will fight a black dragon, chimera, and Negpa, only negpa needs to be killed to complete. Use magic, you will get it back for Synn. Holy word will hit Negpa and chimera only. Same for Earth Quake. After Negpa, you fight Synn. Same tactics on Synn as on red Dragon(It needs more time). Reverse Gravity is good on her as well. May use everything you have.

Final Advice:
Talk to one another. Yell for a heal. Follow the experienced player. Discuss what to do next. Look for secrets. Look after your mage. He's a boss killer. The apprentice who you didn't save at the war machine, would have been all you needed to kill synn. It's just a game so don't take it too seriously.

This is the complete walkthrough of D&D 2. If there is anything more that should be found here, or you think it is not good enough, please send me an Email.

Street Fighter Extreme

These are the codes, tricks, or hidden stuffs :

To fight Gouki (Akuma), Get 8 wins streak continuously against COM or 32 wins streak against human player.
To fight Garuda, Get 2 perfects, get 4 super finishes on last round and use level 3 superspecial once(Zangief 's level 3/Gouki 's level 3 Demon Rage)except for Kairi and C.Jack , which need only level 2. However all character need minimum combo hits(6 hits : Allen ,Darun ; 7 hits : Ryu ,Ken ,Zangief ,Pullum ,C.Jack ,Blair ; 8 hits : Guile,Hokuto ,Skullomania ,Kairi ; 9 hits : Gouki ; 11hits : D.Dark ; 12hits : Chunli)

Skullomania's alternative colour
Hold start, press LP for black(default) ; MP for red ; HP for purple ; LK for green ; MK for yellow and HK for pink.

Hidden stuffs
4 hidden Characters will be released when the machine is installed for 400 hours. They are at the left or right of Pullum or Skullomania.
To use Gouki, wait for 400 hours, or at Ryu, press start once, down x 3 , up x 4 , press MP or MK.

Hear the crowd cheers in two ways.When Skullomania's SkulloTkatchov,hold LP+MK+HP,a score will be given.(10.00=Bravo ; 9.50 to 9.99=Good)9.50 below=No cheering.When C.Jack hits back 15 projections(energy balls like Ryu's ardocan) in a stage, crowd cheers can be heard or when he kicks back 3 projections in a stage, he will show HAT TRICK(?).
Blair's virtual 50+ combo hits need at least 2 levels of supermeter, finish the opponent with uppercut(1 hit) or SuperCombos; while the opponent is floating in the air do another Superspecial and another; the time will be freeze and as long as the timing is right, the opponent will be juggled in the air forever(?).
Skullomania can do a taunt when the opponent is knocked out of the screen so that Skullomania will not chase and the game will jam having the one with most blood wining when time is over.

Below are the catagories from A-Z which i have grouped the Games' Data in. Whatever you need for your particular game is in their own directory. Just click on to go there.

Here are the few catagories :
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

All Games are grouped in alphabetical order. For example, you are looking for "Diablo", click on to the " D " group and you will be brought to game files starting with the letter " D ". From there, you will be able to find your "Diablo" related files.
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P.S: The midi you are listening to is "Eyes On Me" for Final Fantasy 8 Ending.