Our beloved Lam Ching Ying...

[Fu] [Lam Ching Ying] [Fu]

[Lin Zheng Yin]
Cantonese: Lam Jing Ying
Mandarin: Lin2 Zheng4 Ying1

Born on December 27, 1952

Lam Ching Ying is the famous Taoist Ghost buster. Known worldwide as the evil-expelling Taoist priest from the Mr Vampire series, he is well-liked and command a respectable group of fans including myself.

He is an amazing, superb ghost buster and vampire catcher(in the movies). Anyone who had watch his movies before are very likely to remember him for life.

Some secrets about him...

Before he started his ghost buster career, he was a student of Peking Opera under Madame Fan Fok Fa (Fan Guk Fa) for five years.

When he was young, he was a stunt man for Shaw Brothers. Cheng Pei Pei was one of the many actresses he has doubled for.

He was also a close friend of Bruce Lee and was in many of Lee's movies. He did the stunt work for Shek Kin in "Enter the Dragon" (You can see the young taoist master sitting next to John Saxon and Jim Kelly in the betting scene)

He was also the martial arts director for all of Bruce Lee's movies except one.

On November 8, 1997

This veteran Hong Kong actor died of liver cancer.
Thus ending his 30-year long career.

[Zheng Ying in his last series]
Zheng Ying in his last series

However, his works are marvelous and should be kept for the future generation. So let's light him some incense and burn some hell notes in honor of his legacy !

Some lifetime admirers and his friends have contributed their thoughts on his career and what he meant to them...

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This is the list of movies I know Lam Ching Ying participated in:

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